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The hiker community is just
as rewarding as the hiking itself.







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  • Layer clothing and pack more minimally and utilize the layers you have instead of buying additional clothing and carrying additional weight. When you can just change certain items in
    your gear and be able to achieve the same thing

  • With all of the delivery that companies will do for you, it’s really easy to just make a phone call, place an order online and have new gear delivered to you while you’re hiking.

  • I don’t want other people to think they have to choose that gear because it worked great for me, because every body’s bodies are different, everybody needs to make the choices that are right for them.


  • A lot of people have all kinds of shoes that they try but just go with what doesn’t give you blisters.

  • Another thing about footwear is if your shoes wear down and you don’t have the arch support, you don’t have the grip on the soles you are risking injury; you can get shin splints, you can get plantar fasciitis. All these injuries frequently occur because of the abuse and can be attributed to old shoes that need to be replaced.


  • Food is probably the most expensive thing about thru hiking,
    especially when you get into town and are ravenous and want to eat everything.


  • If you are alone you are going to have to be self reliant you probably do need to communicate a little bit more when you’re in town; letting people know your plan. If I’ve heard one, I’ve heard ten stories about people getting lost in the woods or stuck in a freak snow storm, or getting lost because they were by themselves or in a smaller group, so its more important if you’re by yourself to communicate your plan than with a group

  • I was dependant on someone being good enough to pick me up to get into town to resupply, now hikers can call a Lyft, call an Uber… it doesn’t happen on the continental divide and I don’t think its as common on the PCT either but that is definitely something that can happen on the Appalachian Trail.

  • The hiker community is just as rewarding as the hiking itself.

  • Really what you have to do is break it down into sections; “I have to make it to the next camp site, I have to make it to the next town, make it to the next resupply”; whatever it may be, whatever shorter term goal you need to keep going.

  • People under-estimate morale and the trail can break you. I have seen so many people quite hiking just because “they didn’t want to be wet anymore” and “why am I putting myself thru this?” and just by getting a hot shower and drying out for a day in town can turn you around and get you back out into the woods and it can be life saving.

  • It’s different destinations, but a pilgrimage nonetheless. You have to go through those trials and suffering to make it valuable to you.

  • About rashes and chaffing and things like that and she actually prescribed a very mild steroidal cream that I carried with me and amazing stuff. Talk to your doctor. If I get a hint of chaffing; wash the area before I go to bed, apply the cream before I got bed, it’s gone I the morning, like, miracle stuff.

  • Cause it’s so easy to fixate on that pain and it just makes you miserable. So, if you have any way to distract yourself from that pain, then that’s what you should do.

  • . I was able to hike through all of these remote parts of America and encounter all of these beautiful and random and crazy people that I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise and being able to walk past them and actually have conversations and interact with them instead of speeding by in a car. It changes how you understand the world around you and thru hiking gave me that very intimate understanding of how America ticks.

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